Silhoette Lift

The cost of 1 thread - on request.

Technology of Silhouette lift threads allows lifting sagging tissue and returning to their original positions.

Technique is ideal for correction of age-related facial changes in the area of cheeks, cheekbones, nasolabial folds, chin, and submandibular area.

Threads allow without serious operations and risk to instantly pull up the tissues of the face for a long time.

This technique is suitable for all people who want to look younger without prolonged postoperative recovery without bandages and serious risk of complications.

Silhouette Lift procedure takes place on an outpatient basis, takes 45-60 min., can be performed under local anesthesia. After leaving the clinic, you notice at the same day that your face rejuvenated. You will be able to return to normal activities within 1-2 days.

Silhouette Lift threads are made of polypropylene - a material biocompatible with the human body, which is used in cardiovascular surgery and eye surgery for many years. There are 7 nodules and 8 special cones of resorbable material of L-lactide copolymer (82%) and glycolide (18%). Nodules and cones are arranged alternately on the thread at a distance of 0.8 cm apart from each other. Thread form is smooth without notches ant it gives a maximal solidity. Transparent absorbable hollow cones provide greater tissue growth and more long-lasting fixation. Silhouette Lift threads with cones were approved by the US Food and pharmaceutical products by the State Administration for sale in the United States market, as well as they have the European CE certificate.

The main advantages among the thread liftings is that Silhouette Lift threads provide a strong support to the tissues in a good condition and they are able to restore the result of the operation, without re-setting of additional threads, using silhouette threads which are already in the body.


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