Дaser cosmetology

-Epilation (for all skin types, including tanned skin)

-Pseudofolliculitis Barbae (PFB) (inflamed skin after shaving)

-Vascular lesions (including veins, face and legs)

-Skin lifting

-Wrinkles elimination

Gentle YAG - the fastest and most powerful long-pulsed neodymium Nd: YAG laser of all available models on the market today.

The unique combination of laser wavelength of 1064 nm and patented by Candela Dynamic Cooling Technology Dynamic Cooling Device (DCD) provides effective protection of the skin with different levels of melanin (including tanned skin) and allows to conduct the procedure in a comfortable environment for the patient without additional equipment. Thus the laser enables easy year application for all skin types, including V and VI types.

The device has a very wide range of applications - from unwanted hair, vascular lesions to treatment pseudofoulliculities barbae.


Gentle YAG provides many advantages while photo procedures of the face. Longer wavelengths in combination with the high-energy peak power, microsecond pulses, high repetition and dynamic skin protection are the ideal precondition for action at multiple layers of the dermis. The laser is used for the common skin conditions caused by the aging process, and the result is a healthy and young skin.

Among the positive therapeutic effects there are wrinkles, reducing of pore size, redness, and erythema and strengthening skin tissue. As distinct from systems for rejuvenation with pulsed lamps, Gentle YAG can be used for all skin types, even in the summer, without the risk of complications.

This laser is an excellent choice for the treatment of vascular lesions such as telangiectasia, port wine stains, rosacea, vascular spider veins on the face and legs. A deeper penetration and more moderate absorption of hemoglobin to 1064 nm can remove deep-seated large vessels on legs. During epilation laser provides deep penetration which reaches the hair bulb, and a large spot size of 18 mm allows processing a single pulse in the area of 254 square millimeters, that is more than any other Nd: YAG laser. The large spot size reduces the reflection of the laser light through the dispersion and helps to reduce procedure time.


Look-up table of the cost of procedures on laser device




Cost (rub)


From 12000


From 8000

Face and neck area

From 7000


From 10000


From 15000-20000


From 5000


From 15000


From 10000-20000


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