Laser epilation

Using of laser for epilation has led to a real revolution in the field of cosmetology. Laser epilation quickly became widespread around the world and today it is not only the most effective, safe, quick and painless, but also aesthetically acceptable method of removing unwanted hair.

Modern equipment is able to solve the problem of unwanted people’s hair with any skin and hair tone (except white and grey hair), has a wide area of impact on the skin, which allows you to remove the hair much faster and better.

GentleLase Pro - is a new concept in the main laser in the field of aesthetic for epilation, pigmentation disorders of the epidermis and vascular anomalies, starting from the lower limbs and facial hemangiomas and to wrinkles reducing. It has many extended features due to which it provides excellent results and builds professionals’ confidence worldwide.

"Candela" took the best laser for hair removal and made it even better. It became faster, it has more options and longer pulse duration, the interface is more user-friendly and sliders easier change the spot size. It's just an improvement of already excellent product.


Several spot sizes

The ability of GentleLasePro to create spot in 6, 8, 10, 12, 15 and 18 mm allows selecting an anatomically founded spot size and increasing the fluence rate.


The variable pulse duration

For greater flexibility in the processing of the treatment of vascular lesions and disorders of epidermal pigmentation.


Selecting cooling systems of the epidermis

Selection between air-cooling system Air Cooling Compatible ™ (ACC ™) and based on the refrigerant cooling system of dynamic cooling Dynamic Cooling Device ™ (DCD ™).

The latest technology and improved opportunities of GentleLase Pro make it an ideal laser for accurate, non-contact operations. This is the only epilation laser permitting the protection of the epidermis - the cooling air or refrigerant, while having more power and incomparable efficiency.

GentleLASE is a laser epilator that is universally recognized as a "gold standard" of epilation. This alexandrite laser with integrated cooling system of skin is rightfully gained a great popularity all over the world. It quickly and effectively removes hair with minimal of discomfort to patients.

GentleLase has a large diameter of the treated spot per one pulse (up to 18 mm); the area covered by a pulse is 254 square millimeters, which is more than any other laser equipment. In this case the doctor, performing the procedure, does not spend time on coating of skin with hydrogel - lasers are equipped with a patented system of dynamic cooling of the skin DCD.

Directly before to the laser pulse and after it a small dose of cryogen is sprayed on the skin, cooling it to the optimal temperature. All this makes a minimal discomfort for patient, and at the same time gives the best results of the procedure, allowing to increase power without the risk of skin damage. One should not mention that all cosmetologists believe the alexandrite laser GentleLASE is the best epilator for skin types I-IV that majority of the population of the CIS countries has.

Look-up table of cost of procedures on laser equipment Candela GentleLase


Cost (rub)


From 800


From 1200


From 1500


From 1800


From 2200


From 2500


From 2700


From 3000


From 3700


From 4000


From 5000


From 5800


From 6200


From 6700


From 7000


From 7500


From 8000


From 8300


From 8500


From 800


From 9000



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