A method of intralypitherapy with using Aqualyx® medicine is a new world standard in correction of localized fat deposits without surgery.

It represents the injection technique specially developed by professor of the University of Ferrara (Italy), Vice-President of the Italian Society of Aesthetic Medicine and Surgery (SIES) Pascual Motoleze for injection of lipolytic action medicine Aqualyx®. This method involves injecting medication into the fatty tissue by specially designed Lipoinject needles in strict accordance with the protocol of procedure. The injection of the medicine by intralypotherapy is almost painless and does not require additional anesthesia.

What is uniqueness of the medicine?

Today Aqualyx® is the only injectable medicine, which gradually and selectively reduces the volume of localized fat deposits without causing the damaging effect on the skin and muscles.

The method is very effective, but its usage in the complex treatment gives more significant results, due to the fact that at the moment, in principle, there are no non-surgical procedures that remove localized fat deposits through effective as monotherapy.

Advantages of AQUALYX

- Safe: As a natural metabolite, it provides full biological compatibility of the medicine, the efficacy and safety of impact.

- Non-toxic: works only at the injected area and ensures that no toxic effects on the body.

- Controlled impact: gel structure of the product ensures a slow, localized release of the drug.

Changes in the treated fat tissue have been proven by clinical, histological and ultrasound studies – there is a destruction of fat cells.

The number of intralypotherapy sessions is not limited. 2-4 sessions are enough to get a marked result. Intervals between sessions should be at least 20 days.

After the procedure treated areas should be not exposed to direct sources of heat in 10-14 days.

Zone of injections, indications: local fat deposits in areas:

- upper part of arms;

-folds on the back;



- "breeches";

-outer surface of the tigh;

-inner surface of the thigh;

-inner side of the knee;

-double chin;

- "Buffalo hump" - menopause bump.

How often one should do procedures and how much procedures do one need?

The periodicity of the procedure is once every three weeks, and their quantity depends on the correction area, and includes from 2 to 6 manipulations on the average.

Cost of the procedure on request.


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