Aesthetic medicine

1. Chemical peeling

Chemical peeling is a skin rejuvenation program with the use of acid and its subsequent recovery by means of special products.

In these procedures, various acids, which have an impact on histological and structural restoration of skin remodeling through the epidermis and normalization of dermis microarchitectonics.

Superficial peels EASY PHYTIC PEEL is a cocktail of glycolic, lactic, and almond acids. It’s a safe effective exfoliation with frequent use. It favorably differs from other superficial peels with apresence in the composition of phytic acid, which has a strong tread (protective) property against free radicals.

The cost of the procedure:

-50% Glycolic acid – from 1500 rub.;

-70% Glycolic acid – from 2500 rubles.

Surfactants median peeling EASY TCA (15%)  on the basis of trichloroacetic acid has good permeability and lack of toxic effects. It resolves the problems associated with the deeper skin structures.

Treatment price – from 8000 rubles.

Median peeling UNIDEEP (23%) - on the basis of TCA has an even more profound effect than EASY TCA.

Treatment price – from 18000 rubles.

Local peeling ONLY TOUCH PEEL (TCA 40%) - is intended for spot effects on the pockets of hyperkeratosis and pigmentation spots.

Treatment price: 1 sq. cm – from 1000 rubles.

2. Mesotherapy

Mesotherapy is original for its simplicity and efficiency method of local effect on the skin and subcutaneous fat, with their various cosmetic changes. This may be the skin's natural aging process, it wilting and the appearance of wrinkles, spider veins and age spots, acne, hair loss, cellulite, stretch marks and skin scars.

While working with the skin of the face, neck and d?collet? different techniques of mesotherapy are applied: dermal and epidermal picotage, micro papulas. These injection techniques allow restoring vitality, enhancing the moisture content of the deeper layers of skin, stimulating the metabolism at the cellular level, nourishes the skin with valuable nutrients and restore muscle tone. Technology of linear mesotherapy injections can correct wrinkles and create supporting "skeleton" of the skin with the help of structural products, as well as to deal effectively with a second chin and simulate the shape of the face. After mesotherapy person acquires a healthy complexion looks fresh as after a good rest.

The cost of the procedures:


Anti-aging program, lifting, hydration, collagen synthesis stimulation

     Program №1 Gialift – from 4000 rubles.

     №2 program X-AND Gel – from 4000 rubles.

     DMAE complex program №3 – from 4300 rubles.

     №4 program Gialift + X-AND – from 4500 rubles.

     Program Individual program- №5 from 4800 rubles.


Vascular complex vitamins, minerals, antioxidant complex, "smoker's skin", aging prevention, rosacea.

      Program №1 Vascular main cocktail – from 2000 rubles.

      Program №2 vitamins + minerals – from 3200 rubles.

      The program №3 Antioxidant Complex – from 3200 rubles.

      №4 program rosacea treatment – from 3400 rubles.

      №5 Program Skin smoker – from 3500 rubles.

      №6 Radiance program young skin - from 3500 rubles.


Anti-inflammatory program, acne treatment, regulation of sebum production.

      Program №1 homeopathic cocktail – from 3500 rubles.

      Program №2 Oligoelements + vitamins – from 3500 rubles.

      Anti-inflammatory and program №3 immunomodeliruyuschy complex – from 3800 rubles.

       Fibroblasts – from 4500 rubles.


3. Biorevitalization

Rejuvenation treatment for the skin's natural beauty.

Restylane Vital is a new formulation containing hyaluronic acid; the structure is absolutely identical to ours. During injection of the gel into the skin it has a firming and toning effect.

Skin looks firmer, fresh and moisturized. The effect of biorevitalization procedure lasts for several months. Parts of gel are removed from the injection area very slow, the gel with time replaced by water, long-term effect of Restylane Vital is based on this phenomenon.

You can repeat the procedure as often as it’s necessary to preserve the beauty of the skin. You can combine Restylane Vital with other Restylane drugs, it allows for more vivid and lasting cosmetic effect.



-dry and dehydrated skin;

-oily skin;

-leather smoker;

-loss of elasticity;

-Violation oval face;

-rehabilitation after chemical peels, laser treatments, skin rejuvenation;

-in complex of skin preparation for plastic surgery;

-in complex of wrinkles correction after the introduction of Botox, Dysport.



-diseases of blood and immune system, diabetes and so on;

-pregnancy and lactation;

-aggravation of chronic diseases;

-ARD, Fever.

The cost of the procedure:

Biorevitalization Restylane Vital - 1 ml – from 13000 rubles.

Biorevitalization IAL SYSTEM - 1,1 ml – from 8000 rubles.

Biorevitalization IAL SYSTEM ACP - 1 ml – from 8000 rubles.

Biorevitalization IAL SYSTEM TEOSIAL MESO - 1 mL – from 12,000 rubles.

Filorga MHA 10 – from 6000 rubles.

Filorga NCTF – from 4000 rubles.


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