Elos epilation

Elos epilation is the most modern, effective and safe epilation system. Most of our patients achieve a complete stopping of hair growth or significantly reduce their growth. Elos efficiency depends on the regularity of impact, features of hair, hormonal, genetic causes and concomitant conditions. 


An effect of Elos device is based on the unity of IPL-broadband pulsed light and radiofrequency bipolar current (RF). The energy is directed at the hair shaft, so that there is its heating and destruction of the follicle. Elos acts dot, so it does not hurt the surrounding skin, and affects only on the hair, preventing the appearance of age spots or burns. Moreover Elos has a special cooling system of the skin, and even with strong heating of the follicle collateral effects or discomfort are eliminated.

The epilation process of is quite calm and comfortable (even facial epilation). Before the Elos session a dermatocosmetologist collects a detailed information about the health condition of the patient, his skin type, hair color.

A full disappearance of hair after a course of procedures, even if it is thin, light and red, which are extremely difficult to remove by other methods. Already after 5-8 sessions holding with intervals in 3-4 weeks you can become the owner of a smooth, soft skin without black points.


Look-up table of cost of procedures

ELOS epilation


Cost (rub)

Face epilation

From 6800

Brows epilation

From 2200

Ears epilation

From 2200

Chin epilation

From 3400

Cheekbones epilation

From 3400

Upper lip epilation

From 2500

Neck epilation

From 5000

Collar zone epilation

From 5000

Shoulders epilation

From 7000

Back epilation (male)

From 14000

Back epilation (female)

From 10000

Bikini line epilation (classic)

From 5500

Deep bikini epilation

From 8000

Legs epilation (female)

From 20000

Legs epilation (male)

From 26000

Shin epilation

From 9000

Toes epilation

From 1900

Buttocks epilation

From 9000

Inner surface of thighs epilation

From 6000

Thighs epilation

From 11000

Belly epilation  (male)

From 10000

Belly epilation (female)

From 8000

White line of belly epilation

From 4000

Chest epilation (male)

From 11000

Breast epilation

From 4000

Chest epilation (female)

From 5000

Armpits epilation

From 4000

Arms epilation

From 9000

Hands epilation

From 5000


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