Elite Swiss cosmetics

In order to ensure the full protection of the skin and actively prevent its aging, experts of CELLAP LABORATOIRE made a real breakthrough research, which became the property not only of the scientific world, but also everyone who is not indifferent to his own youth, beauty and health. The result of these efforts is a new generation of cosmetic products CELLCOSMET & CELLMEN.

The result is not an improvement of the state of the cells at a certain age, but the change of biological cells age. In other words, there is an effect of expressed rejuvenation and slowing the aging process. The structure of the major cosmetics CELLCOSMET & CELLMEN includes eight types of cells from different types of fabrics. The content of the cell varies depending on the destination and age - from 2.5% (means for daily care of young skin) to 30% (funds for intensive care for mature skin).

Given the fact that the structure and needs of the skin with age is constantly changing, there are Cellcosmet product line, which are corresponding to each stage in a woman's life:

-problems of young skin solves Youth line (Juvenil) – from 4500 rubles.

-to 25-35 women Protective line (Prerventive) is recommended– from 5000 rubles.

-35-45 years – Concentrated line (Concentrated) – from 5500 rubles.

-after 45 years one should use more intensive care product Ultra Vital – from 6000 rubles.


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