Botox. Dysport. Xeomin

Mimic wrinkles on the face arise most of all as a result of involuntary contraction of facial muscles. Thus the skin interacts with the underlying muscles, with which it is directly connected. An additional mechanism for the formation of wrinkles is genetically programmed and reinforced by external factors of skin aging. Moreover, the formation of facial wrinkles is often observed even at a young age as a result of increased emotionality and hereditary predisposition.

Injection methods combine a large group of cosmetic procedures that often unites one thing - the introduction of the active substance into the skin with a needle, they are also known as the "beauty shots".

Injections of botulinus toxin

Smile is a business card of every woman. However, wrinkles, which appear around the eyes and on the forehead, are not always encouraging.

Age: first appeared wrinkles are the indicator for this procedure.

Hospitalization: Not required.

Duration of treatment: 10-20

Anesthesia: Not required.

Rehabilitation: 1 day.

Evaluation results: 7-12 day.

Duration of the effect: 4-6 months.

The usage of botulinus toxin type A is the most popular in the world of cosmetic procedures today for the correction of facial wrinkles in following areas of the face:

-glabellar are;

- forehead area;

- outer corner of the eye area;

-nasal dorsum area;

- neck area.

The usage of botulinus toxin is effective for elimination of excessive sweating of the hands, feet and armpits.

Botulinus toxin is used in medicine for 20 years and about 10 years in cosmetology. It works by blocking the transmission of pulses from the nerve to the muscle, resulting in relaxation of muscle. This process is reversible and after 4-6 months muscle activity recovery occurs.

Cost of the procedure:

Dysport (1 piece)

From 170 rub.

Botox (1 piece)

From 300 rub.

Xeomin (1 piece)

From 350 rub.

Intimate plasty

From 13000 rub.


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