Autologous cell rejuvenation

In recent years, growing interest in the relatively new technique of aesthetic medicine - autologous cell rejuvenation, which became a real breakthrough in anti-aging medicine. It is one of the most popular aesthetic treatments in leading clinics of Japan, the UK, Spain and other European countries.

We are talking about plasma - the liquid part of blood, consisting of proteins, salts, hormones, enzymes, vitamins and other biologically active substances. Blood plasma is used with great success for more than 20 years in various fields of medicine: in maxillofacial surgery to promote wound healing, orthopedic and cardiovascular surgery, in dermatology for the treatment of acne and other skin problems. In all these cases we are talking about a technique autohemotherapy, or stimulation of protective functions of the body, improving metabolism in tissues by intramuscular injection of their own blood plasma. In aesthetic medicine, today the autologous plasma enriched with platelets is usede. The concept of "private" or, in the language of medicine, "autologous" plasma means that it is not an alien, the donor, and is derived from the patient's own blood.

Technique of injection into the skin is very similar to mesotherapy of body and face. But if mesotherapist uses homeopathic drugs or vitamins and hyaluronic acid, the drug in this case is proprietary human plasma with increased platelet count content. When injecting plasma-rich platelets, in the area of treatment the generation of new stem cells accelerates and, as a result, tissue repairs. The skin becomes more elastic, there is a healthy complexion, restores the metabolic processes of the skin cells begin to actively share. Normal function means, as a young man begins to produce collagen, hyaluronic acid retains moisture. The skin functions in a young mode!

Indications for use of the method of rejuvenation:

-loss of skin elasticity;

-dryness, decreased skin turgor;

- small mimic wrinkles;

- prevent the formation of stretch marks, "stretch the skin" with a sharp decrease in weight;

- acne;

- thinning, loss of hair;

- skin rehabilitation after excessive sun exposure;

- rehabilitation of the skin, if the laser or chemical peel was conducted;

- ideal for preparing the skin for plastic surgery;

- age over 25 years.

Contraindications to the rejuvenation of the method:

-system blood diseases;

- inflammatory skin disease;

- pronounced ptosis of the skin;

- allergy to pro- and anticoagulants used in the production of PRP;

- immunosuppressive condition;

- mental diseases.

How the procedure is conducting?

The patient is taken 20 to 40 ml of venous blood, which is placed in a special centrifuge, where it is treated for 5-15 minutes. During this time, the plasma is saturated with platelets; activates specific proteins that provoke work stem cells restore the regenerative function, etc. After being in a centrifuge blood is back into the patient, but now it is updated and enriched: the doctor fills injection with plasma and begins to repeatedly enter its problem areas in the tissue. The choice of the scheme is determined by the doctor taking into account the individual indications.

The procedure consists of:

-consultation of the doctor;

-fence blood - absolutely safe for the patient manipulation, comparable to taking routine blood tests from a vein;

- centrifugal separation of blood;

To prepare the area of skin to the procedure / make-up remover (if the procedure is performed on the face);

-injection of plasma;

-applying a soothing gel.

Autologous skin rejuvenation includes 2-3 sessions with intervals of 2-3 months. This technique can be combined with other cosmetic procedures. Plasma therapy is recognized as absolutely safe, effective, hypoallergenic by aesthetic medicine.

The cost of autologous cell rejuvenation:

Skin rejuvenation:

-Face (1 zone) – from 7000 rubles.

-Face and neck (2 zones) – from 14,000 rubles.

-Face, neck (integrated program) – from 18000 rubles.

-Rejuvenation of the hands – from 6000 rubles.

Programs for hair restoration:

-The program "Healthy and beautiful hair" – from 7000 rubles.

-The program "Hair treatment" - from 7000 rubles.

Rejuvenation of the skin on the body zones - from7000 rubles.

PRP plasmolifting – from 40000 rubles.

PRP plasmolifting with hyaluronic acid – from 40000 rubles.


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