Machine cosmetology

I. Instrument for ultrasound peeling and phonophoresis

Ultrasonic cleaning allows cleaning the skin deeply and preparing it for further procedure. Phonophoresis makes easier the implementation of the active ingredients of cosmetics. There is a system for regulation of the intensity and power of the impact.

Ultrasound is generated in 2 modes: continuous and pulsed.

Ultrasound provides mechanical massage of tissue increases the permeability of cell membranes, stimulates metabolism and removal of natural decay products.

As a result it improves elasticity and skin tone; pastosity and puffiness disappear.

Due to the local strengthening of microcirculation cosmetic and medical preparations penetrate better to the skin, and the efficiency of their usage increases in 3-5 times.

Main functions:

-ultrasound peeling and deep cleansing of the skin;

-smoothing of wrinkles;

-ultrasound lifting;

-micro massage;

-effective implementation of medical cosmetic compositions (phonophoresis and iontophoresis);

-treatment of pigmentation.

The cost of the procedure - from 3000-3500 rub.

(US cleaning + mechanical + Glycol peeling + mask).

II. Lift 6 instrument

Lift 6 instrument - the mechanics of beauty – is the latest aesthetic technology that combines safety of classical cosmetology and effectiveness of plastic surgery. Processes of cosmetic mechanics provide increasing of elasticity, turgor and skin tone, smoothing the wrinkles and restoring of facial contours, normalizing the moistening of skin, pores contraction and reduction of fat deposits in chin and cheeks.

The main difference of this technology from the rest rejuvenation techniques (cosmetic, machine and surgical) is that the LIFT 6 launches regeneration mechanisms: skin changes not only externally but also internally, it reforms in structure and starts to work in the "young "mode. Cosmetic mechanics acts not on the result, but on the cause of age changes, releasing hidden reserves of tissues, prompting "cellular memory" for the natural restoration of youthful skin!

The method is focused on the result - it allows you to see and feel the positive effects instantly! Already after the first session there will be a "memory effect":  the skin "remembers" and begins to reproduce all the processes that were running by the procedure.

The procedure is performed according to individual protocol; the course is 10-20 procedures conducting twice a week. Supporting procedures – once a month.

Cost of procedure - from 3500 rub.

III. Bioxytherapy – BioOXYGEN instrument

Bioxymesotherapy is a fundamentally new method that allows using oxygen pressure of 2 atm for implementation of active agents into the deepest layers of the skin to the basal membrane where they are deposited with.

In this phase one can conduct various programs such as anti-aging, moisturizing, anti-pigmentation and for problem skin programs, an alternative for Botox, hydro balance program with hyaluronic acid preparations etc.

The cost of the procedure:

1. Deep moisturizing procedure – from 3500 rub.

2. Injection-free procedure of filling folds and wrinkles in combination with oxygen therapy – from 4500 rub.

3. Acne treatment – from 3500 rub.

4. Treatment of hyperpigmentation – from 4000 rub.

IV. Oxymicrodermabration

Oxy Megastation is a powerful tool that combines microdermabrasion with needleless oxymesotherapy and other latest methods of treatment and improves the skin tone of the face and the whole body.

The device Oxy Megastation won the main prize at the Paris Congress «Les Nouvelles Esthetiques".

OXY MEGASTATION is a multifunctional device, a modern mega-system for physiotherapy procedures for face and body:

-injection-free instrumental. mesotherapy;

-oxydermobration (from superficial to deep one);

-vacuum therapy;

-oxygen spray with vitamins;

-oxygen aromatherapy;

-needles oxygen mesotherapy;


-high results after the first treatment;

-active skin regeneration;

-improved turgor and elasticity;

-correction of scars and stretch marks;

-correction age changes, drainage;

-correction and prevention of acne;

-correction and prevention of chromatosis;

-rejuvenation of dorsum of hands.

Cost of the procedure – from 4000 rub.


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