Vela Shape II device

Quick and painless correction of the contours of your body is possible with Vela Shape II device. Its purpose is a non-surgical removal of fat deposits, cellulite and skin imperfections associated with metabolic disturbances.

Such a powerful effect occurs due to infrared radiation, bipolar electrical energy, vacuum aspiration and roller massage.

Vela Shape II device today represents technology of the latest generation in the field of rapid and efficient removal of fat and skin blemishes removal. Work of the device is based on the combination of four main factors: the infrared radiation wave, bipolar electrical energy, roller massage and vacuum aspiration. The combined effect of all these components is the basis of the effectiveness of the device. The results appear very quickly. With Vela Shape II device figure correction becomes possible in the shortest possible time and without strenuous exercise and dieting.

Just a few minutes of impact Vela Shape II device can eliminate from 4 to 6 centimeters in the volume of the treated area. This impact device also has a positive effect on the skin. Unlike surgery liposuction, procedure using Vela Shape II does not remain excess skin that requires surgical removal of the same method. During the procedure, the skin is tightened under the influence of Vela Shape II. The skin surface is leveled and smoothed noticeably, its resilience and elasticity increase. Vela Shape II can significantly reduce cellulite and eliminate other skin blemishes.


Body correction

The simultaneous action of vacuum, mechanical roller, infrared light (IR) and RF energy allows Vela Shape II to act on the fat area significantly activating the metabolic processes of all layers of the skin and subcutaneous fat. This a fundamentally new approach in the field of aesthetic medicine allows for a short time not only to ensure the harmony of shapes, but also to tighten, smooth skin and improve its turgor.

Removal of cellulite

Using of Vela Shape II device allows providing thermal effect on the tissue and cellulite. The rollers in combination with the vacuum gently massage the skin, which promotes the penetration of heat and energy transfer in the cell (lipolysis) and reduces the volume of fat cells. It becomes possible to eliminate the effect of "orange peel", which is the main cause of the proliferation of fat cells out of the connective tissue, dermis and hypodermis, improving circulation. The blood, which is primarily pointed on the effect of infrared light (IR) and high-frequency current RF, is better oxygenated. This, in turn, activates the metabolic breakdown of fat stored up fat cells.

The result is a significant reduction in volumes, eliminated cellulite, and in places of treatment, the skin is smoothed and tightened.

Reduction of the volume

Five procedures are enough to lose significant excess centimeters. Recovery of the structure and increasing skin elasticity are improved while 20-30%. Prolonged effect after a course of treatment will be most visible in 3-4 weeks after the last treatment.

Increasing the tone

Vela Shape II device does not only effectively restore the appearance and function of all layers of the skin with cellulite, but also improves exercise tolerability, reduces chronic fatigue condition, i. e. it is able to provide a general tonic effect on the whole body.

The cost of the procedure:

15 minutes – from 3000 rubles. - Arms, inner thighs, monticule on the neck;

20 minutes – from 4000 rubles. - Buttocks, "breeches";

30 minutes – from 4500 rubles. - Belly + hips, buttocks + thighs;

45 minutes - from 6700 rubles. – Arms + average volume back;

1 hour – from 8000 rubles – the whole body.


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